The Laser Saber

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I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest soundfont for Neopixel lightsabers “The Laser Saber ” now available at! In crafting these sounds, I drew upon a vast library of samples from powerful lasers used for engraving or rust removal. The Laser Saber features two distinct styles: one with a longer pre-on ignition and post-off effect, and another style without pre-on or post effects, characterized by a shorter ignition and a unique hum. Both styles come with a unique blade effect compatible with the Proffie soundboard. However, it’s worth noting that this soundfont can be easily adapted to work with various other blade styles designed for different soundboards. As always, I extend special thanks to all my customers who have become friends and fellow enthusiasts over time!

  • 64 New Sfx Sounds designed by jaydalorian
  • blast     9
  • clash    10
  • swing   8
  • smooth swing   4
  • force    7
  • Drag    1
  • Melt     1
  • stab     2
  • out       2
  • in         2
  • preon  1
  • boot     1
  • font     2
  • track    1
  • post off 1
  • hum    2



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