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Hi everyone! This is Jaydalorian

Big news today, I am thrilled to announce a chance of a lifetime so get ready: I am giving away to one of my supporters

this incredible Satele Shan Neopixel Lightsaber, a total worth of 1000$!”

“This Old Republic Saber, a masterpiece with echoes of the Jedi’s legacy is ready to find its new home.” And believe me this is real, there is no tricks here!

“And here’s the kicker – the lucky winner gets to make this saber his own AND gets to make a ”18 selection” pick from 63 premium JayDalorian soundfonts.

Yes! You’ve heard it, you will create your own personal lightsaber symphony in harmony with this piece of art!”

“Oh, and by the way, this saber comes with the awesome Proffieboard and an S.O Elite speaker. This means top-tier sound to match its unique design.”

“And guess what? Joining the fun is simple! You just gotta watch one of my YouTube video and follow me on Facebook to earn points for a shot at victory.”

“Don’t worry, RafflePress keeps things legit, ensuring fairness.

“Don’t miss out – grab this iconic Old Republic Saber, shaped and set to your liking.

And remember, September 1st, 2023, is your deadline to jump in so don’t wait till it’s too late!”

“Join me on this side of the force at Visit our contest page now – where legends come alive.”

May the luck be with yall!



2 reviews for SateleShan LightSaberGiveaway

  1. Marisa Brown

    Thank you so much for putting on a giveaway so some buddy is able to win a master peace.

  2. Carmelo Plicato

    A wondrous lightsaber from the old republic.. SATELE SHAN. Beautiful details, unique design, bright and intense colors. above average technology and sounds created by JayDalorian,?

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