1.1-free-Lightsaber of the Bells ( link in description)

(4 customer reviews)

Thank you so much for this years all of you guys you  are the reason why i will not stop to create !

FREE !!!! NOW !  Ready for —CFX/Proffie/Golden Harvest3/Verso/Asteria/Xenopixel




4 reviews for 1.1-free-Lightsaber of the Bells ( link in description)

  1. Pumpkincarver21

    This 1 is amazing..sounds huge and looks amazing on my proffie saber..thank you for the freebie?

  2. Michael Y

    My favorite font of all time, thank you to whoever made it and thank you for making it free!

    • jay (store manager)

      thanks a lot all soundfont here is made by me ( jaydalorian ) mtfbwy brother

  3. JBountySith

    I can’t even say anything, I am speechless. Wow FCKN WOW!!!

  4. Red_EyedWolf

    This is sick, now I wanna hear the original song it was made from, the ending got me

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