1.1 – Kyber Zombie

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READY FOR : Proffie-CFX-GoldenHarvest-Xenopixel-Asteria-Verso

– Bladestyle include for proffieboard only
– 2 smooth swing
– 8 swing
– 6 blast
– 9 clash
– 6 force
– 1 track
– 1 stabs
– melt+lock+melt+preon+postoff etc
– 46 audio files



2 reviews for 1.1 – Kyber Zombie

  1. Argana237 (verified owner)

    Lightsaber + (Cod) Zombies? No problem. Ignition, swing, music, voice effect, one better than previous one and if you have played Cod Zombie you know how iconic are their screams.

  2. (verified owner)

    I have a xenopixel TXQ and I used the proffie fonts, it worked perfectly, but a little limited in some functions because it is not a proffie, but it is an excellent font and I highly recommend it because it is something different and in the zombie footprint, everything works and all the blaster effects , melt and music… and you can have a lot of fun! Thanks Jaydalorian for that! Greetings from Brazil to everyone!

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