1.1-Kyber Weapon

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READY FOR : Proffie-CFX-GoldenHarvest-Xenopixel-Asteria-Verso

– Bladestyle include for proffieboard only
– 2 smooth swing
– 6 swing
– 6 blast
– 8 clash
– 2 force
– 1 track
– 1 stabs
– melt+lock+melt+preon+postoff etc
– 43 audio files




3 reviews for 1.1-Kyber Weapon

  1. Dark Solstice (verified owner)

    Fantastic font! Nicely done!

  2. jay (store manager)

    xenopixel cant perform a lot of sound other sounboard can do because its the cheapest soundboard on the market
    so its mean no preon effect no post off effect no swing effect no bang lock no bang melt no force effect all of this sound are made
    by the other soundboard . if you want a refund please contact me in private by facebook or instargram 🙂 have a great day

  3. jerome

    thanks dark solstice

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