1.1-Kyber Spark

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New Soundfont for your Neopixel lightsaber Kyber Spark! Ready For (proffie-cfx-gh3-xeno3-verso-asteria-snv4)

During its creation, I had the desire to get a little closer to the classic sound that we all love, with a touch of Jaydalorian, of course! Several of these 89 sounds that I designed one by one have up to six audio layers to achieve the sound I desired.

Don’t be mistaken; none of these sounds were taken from movies, video games, or anything else. You’ll find a multitude of sounds that you haven’t heard in this video by purchasing this soundfont, along with one extra folder and 3 blade styles for the proffie board soundboard. However, this soundfont works wonderfully with any kind of blade style or preon!

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A special thanks to all those who support me and gave me the courage and strength to leave my full-time job to continue this adventure with you!

May the force be with you all!

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